Sunday, November 2, 2008


Okay, so, i need some ideas...

how can i get $100, asap? hah. because well, i want to go, but i dont exactly have a job yet, (which i am working on,) and the trip is THIS SUNDAY exactly one week... and well... theres not many spots so i would need to get my stuff in within the next few days...

i wish craig's list wasnt so cheap cause i totally would sell my harry potter book set but it would go for like... 30 bucks... and im not quite sure if im ready to part with them yet, but maybe.


any ideas? besides a lemonade stand, because a 16 year old girl making lemonade would look a little weird, unless you have like a little cousin or sister that i could borrow.

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Jaymie Shearer said...

Bake sale.
No joke!
You can get tons of profit.
Like set up a little bake sale thing at OB or somewhere.

Or send out letters to family asking for some $$.