Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay, time to talk about the mexico trip...

first of all, thank you Brian very much for calling and figuring a way to help me go! :]

Alright, so after this trip i learned a lot.

i realised i need to learn spanish. though

i know key phrases, like "do you speak english?", "i dont understand, i speak english", "whats your name", and "how old are you?" and i learned (after asking Malia like 10 times cause i kept forgetting) "do you want to play soccer?" and "do you think he/she is attractive?"

that last phrase i learned because these 4 boys were teasing david and mark about their muscles (after arm-wrestling them) and asked me and malia if they were our boyfriends, and if we think they are cute.

oh, i also learned that i need to have more endurance... we played sharks and minnows/freeze tag with some of the kids and those kids can RUN! and for a long time too! but that just made winning all the better.... except we didnt know how to say "cheater" in spanish so we couldnt call them out if they ran to their friends to get un-frozen, we could only say "no no no no no!" and they would say "si si si si si!!! and laugh and run away"

i also learned that the girls really enjoy it when you pick them up so they can hang on the monkey bars until they drop, and then ask you to do it again.

and, i learned, do NOT brush your teeth over the toilet with your sunglasses on your head.... they WILL slip off, and you WILL have to retrieve them.
now, just for clarification, there was nothing IN the toilet, and i wasnt in the outhouses, our room had a bathroom (thank God!) but no sink. and anti-bacterial wipes come in handy after a situation like that.

i also learned that having techno music on in a car full of guys who like to pelvic thrust, is DEFINETLY an interesting experience... and not one i would like to repeat in the future.

and, XM radio is AMAZING when driving to and from mexico.... and that shane probably deserved a hug for us yelling at him to change, or not change, the channel so many times.

and, last but not least, me and shea realised that we love/d hanging out with those kids, and definetly will go back to mexico if we do it again, and we wished that we could have stayed there all week :[ but that just wouldnt have worked out and would have costed a lot more.

so all in all, mexico was amazing :] and i loved it a lot!

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brian c. berry said...

you are welcome and yahoo por mexico muchacha. Dios le bendiga.

that's yahoo for mexico girl. God bless you.

To inspire you to keep learning spanish. Yes. Let's go back again. It was a fun day.