Wednesday, November 5, 2008


:[ seriously.

im EXTREMELY dissapointed, heartbroken, terrified, that he won.

dissapointed: because it made me realise how gullible america is, and how *ahem*stupid society is getting. if you've seen the movie Idiocracy then you get what im talkin about. we are getting closer and closer to that. (if you havent seen it, not something i would recommend other than to see how true it is) its pretty much a movie where the directors took everything that we are becoming and getting closer to and exaggurating it. like there was a church called St. God. and all lounge chairs had toilets in it, and some gatorade type company like... took over the world because they said their product has electrolites in it, so they use it to water their plants, they use it for like gasoline and such. and they all sound stupid, like how they talk. but enough of that movie.

heartbroken: because i know a lot of people were praying for McCain to win, like pleading with God (like in the bible) and it didnt happen. but i mean, i guess its what needed to happen. but still.. its sad.

and terrified: because of what Obama stands for. he is the most pro-abortion candidate (and now president) we have ever had. AND Biden is his VP.... so if obama dies, we have HIM as president :[ and also.... Obama reminds me of Hitler... which scares me.

and, he wants to pull the troops out of Iraq... now... that would be the WORST thing we could do right now. we would just seem weak, our allies will think we will give up every time, not want to join with us again, and mannnnnnnnnnnny people over there will die because we arent protecting them anymore, and what will keep the terrorists from attacking us again? sure some of their people die, but they'll think "psh... america will just give up someday again anyway," and our allies will get attacked, were pretty much giving them power... i mean, isnt this what they want?!? they probably are scheming, waiting for the day when we will pull out just so that they can have a big massacre.

this definetly is history making stuff right here with Obama being president. first Black president, and first wide-spread massacre in ages. honestly, i think 9/11 will be nothing compared to what could happen if we stop.

so yeah.

terrified to the extreme.

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