Monday, November 17, 2008


okay, so i went.

and it was AMAZING!

i thought i missed hardcore shows before?!?! man!!!

it was sooo much fun!!!

i went with a few friends and a few of my friend's co-workers.

it was so fun! i went in the pit a few times, it was difficult to first, find one, and second, actually get to one. so i only got the chance to go in a few times, but it was really fun!

the first time i went in my friend and his co-worker were guarding me hah so that i didnt get like punched in the face by someone windmilling crazily.

but it was really fun!

one of my friend's co-workers got hit in the face in the pit (on accident) and broke his nose!!! ai! thats what i was afraid of happening to me! so i feel really bad for him!

and i got punched, and elbowed in the stomach a ton, especially when i went in the pit another time, this guy just came up and started dancing like right next to me and was swinging like... at me so he hit me a bunch, then my friend pulled me out of the pit and then everyone started going crazy so we started making our way away from the pit, and everyone was pushing and falling and elbowing, it got crazy,

but i guess punches in the stomach are better than in the face, but by the end of it all, i had the craziest stomach ache ever... like... spotty because of like bruising and stuff... and my arms are a bit bruised and my shoulder is sore because i think i might have swung too hard in the pit.

but all in all... it was AMAZING!

me and my friend decided we want to go to a hardcore show at least every 5 months (if his co-workers go)

maybe i can start working on a suit of armor and then just start going crazy in the pit.

and i need to get better at the windmill because during breakdowns i just do like floor punches, or swing my arms back, but not like the fluid windmill... im more old-school (hence floor-punches)

oh but also, i saw 9 PEOPLE I KNEW there!!! (i counted) 2 of which i see on a regular basis, and the rest i havent seen in like... aaaaagggeessss

2 from my school, (one i havent seen in like 2 years, one i havent seen in like 4)
1 from hfth, (havent seen for like 2 years)
1 from encounter, (like almost a year)
3 from journey, (2 of which i see every week)
and 2 from OGN!!!! (from pathways)

it was crazy! also because most of them i wouldnt expect to be at a hardcore show ever!

it was so fun! and sweaty, but fun! oh and, every now and then i had to look up at the ceiling to breathe because i was like... breathing in heat and stuffy body-air, and i was thirsty the whole time, but yeah. fun.

i want to go back!

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