Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Post Secret

Okay, so every week i go on to see the recent posts,

well today (like... just now) i went on post secret and there was a e-mail secret thing of a person saying they saw a secret saying "we accept the love we think we deserve" and how they got a tattoo of it to remind them, and well sometimes the secrets hit me hard, sometimes i discover some of my own secrets by reading others, sometimes they are just gross and dont effect me, but this one definetly did.

i said sometimes i discover some of my own secrets by reading others, well thats sort of what happend.

i realised a theme of my thoughts lately, and i realised that i dont think im good enough to have the guy that i want (not the "list" guy, but someone perfect for me) and that im going to have to settle because "he" would be out of my league.

and well, i know that i am my biggest critic, and that im hard on myself, so after reading this secret i realised that i dont want the love i think i deserve because i will be unhappy.

That's why i KNOW that being in love with someone someday that loves me back, will blow me away because i will feel so lucky to have someone love me back that im in love with.

so im just not going to dwell on it any longer, like i have been the past... forever...

i believe that guy will come, and i dont have to search to find him.

hah also, i apologize to the many friends who have already told me this, but i just had to figure it out on my own.

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