Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay so, as some of you may know, ive been wanting to be on disney channel since i was a kid.

as you probably DONT know, im really into acting.

well, being an actress/singer has been my dream for a very very long time, and i was always jealous of people like miley cyrus and demi lovatto and selena gomez, and ive been thinking how in the world am i going to get where they are? they are all so lucky!

now, i dont want to get onto disney channel for fame (even though of coarse thats a plus), i have many other reasons such as being a positive role model for young girls, not being a typical girl in the spotlight with drugs and sex, trying to break some stereotypes, etc.

well i was talking to my mom today and there was an ad on the radio for a talent scout "in my area" that has made people famous like miley cyrus, and demi lovatto, and that "i could be the next hannah montana", and well i know theres a small percentage that i would even be considered, and that its probably too good to be true (trust me, ive thought things through) but after talking with my mom she considered it and considered calling.

i mean... after all, what could it hurt? if i dont make it then my life is just the same, if i do make it then my dream could come true.

now i also know that there are a ton of auditions i would have to go through and all that stuff, but im willing.

but there is a talent school and if i make it in then it is still local so i can still do my duties in Encounter, and then once i am finished with both of those (both encounter and the talent thing) then i just may be able to do what ive always wanted to do.

seriously, just even the thought of it even being a possibility and not just a silly dream, made me tear up a bit. i want this so bad!

I just hope its what God wants too.


brian c. berry said...

you should go for it. that's my great advice. yahoo for you and big dreams. that's the scary BIG stuff God loves to do.

Violet said...

hey lady! that sounds so raaaad! I hope you go for it! let me know if you want to play around with some fun hair ideas for auditions :]