Monday, November 17, 2008


okay, so i'm finally beginning to get into the swing of things, im getting my stuff together, and straightening up,

im actually doing my school work!

and thats pretty dang important if i want to graduate early.
Which im planning on doing, i already sent in a senior picture, i asked for a senior packet, and hopefully if im lucky, i can go to grad night (which i REDICULOUSLY hope is at disneyland again this year!!!!)

but speaking of Senior Picture,

i thought to myself "hey summer, why dont you post it, so that only your blog readers see it, and all the other people who DONT read your blog, are missing out on this priveledge (just so you know, i re-typed priveledge about 10 times trying to spell it differently so i just stuck with this one, i dont even think it's right)

so here ya go.

to be honest, its a lot more cheesy than i wanted it to be... if i could have it be any way i want, no questions asked, i would have it be more zoomed out, and me in front of some really artsy looking wall with like... some modern sqiggly art behind me, and in color, not like vibrant color, but kind of like... faded bluish colors, and me off to the right side looking to my right (towards the empty space in the picture where the wall is) like this (excuse the empty blue below it, that just randomly went in there.

but, im stuck with the typical smiley, hand-in-picture, picture.

but whatever.

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