Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, so last night i saw the premier for it... and well

it was AMAZING!

Edward Cullen has stolen my heart!

For MuteMath fans, if you've seen how Paul Meany is, just imagine him while your seeing Edward and you will see the similarities.

but seriously... like... Robert Pattinson (the actor that played Edward) did such a good job!!! especially like... portraying like... love and restraint at the same time.

it was so good!

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read the books now.

like... REALLY bad!

oh and

SHARKBOY! i freaked out, i told david, he didnt believe me at first, but it is him! (the indian guy)


dont worry im not saying anything that spoils the movie. trust me.

but it definetly did not feel like 2 hours!

ahhh but it was so good!

the only thing is, i left the theatre kind of lonely, like i do after watching a chick flick, because like... i want that kind of love, that kind of guy, and it just doesnt work like that... but i wish it would... so then i get all depressed and in a downward spiral of thinking im gonna have to settle, and that love isnt going to be all that great. blah. but i guess if i got right down to the very core of everything,

all i want, is to have the guy be as in love with me, if not more, than i am with him.

and then all the other things come after, like being a good dad, being a musician, being taller than me, etc. (those werent like... the biggest things, just examples)

and gosh darn it!!!! if i dont get it, me and God will have some maaaaajor talking to do.

hah i think its funny that this post that once was twilight, turned into boy things.

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