Monday, November 24, 2008


so im trying it,

i dont quite know what all the fuss is about with twitter, but i have one, and so we'll see.

oh and

i got to drive my sister's car because well, i have the BEST SISTER EVER. so i got to go and hang out with my friends for a little bit, with the freedom of driving her car around so that was nice...

so i returned the favor with not driving the car home on an empty tank (with the help of Derek) im SO SO SO glad that the gas prices have gone down because before 4 bucks would be rediculous... who buys 1 gallon?

but instead i was able to buy 2!

haha. so instead of the little arrow thingy being next to the E, it was a line ABOVE it :]


so yeah... i love my sister, and im glad she trusts me with her car :]

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melissahvongo said...

haha yey gas! so i have one of those twitter things but i dont know how you like get other peoples ...stuff???