Friday, November 7, 2008

vroom vroom

So we're selling our car now, were trying to get money to buy another car... kind of trade it out... because this one just isnt reliable enough. and this is the one were kind of depending on at the moment.

we're trying to get as much as 2000 for it!!! (in your dreams, parents of mine)

its dying, the transmission sounds like crap, the fabric lining on the inside is falling down, it gets bad gas milage cause its a big hunk of metal,

but i guess on the good side is, if you got in a crash you most likely wouldnt have a scratch on you because its like driving a tank,

bad side is,

its like driving a tank.

i really hope we can sell it! maybe to someone who likes fixing old ghetto cars?

maybe we could get a volvo or something :] i mean, after all we dont need a big car.

me and my mom still feel like God is going to drop a car on us somehow, we have no idea how, but... we feel like it will happen.

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