Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday=no life

So, late monday night my brother comes home with the book Twilight, and well we both have been wanting to read it, so i thought "hey, i have to stay later at school tomorrow and i will have nothing to do or read" so i asked him if i could borrow it at school...

little did i know that once i started reading it monday night, that i wouldnt go to bed until 3:00, and also start reading it again before i got out of bed, AND on my way to school, AND in class (during break and before class), and of coarse when i wanted it, while i was waiting at school for an extra half hour. and then i read it in the car on the way to a friends house to drop of some papers and then in the car on the way back, and then once i got home i instantly went on the couch to read, and i read no joke for 5 hours straight!!!! and then tuesday group started happening, and then after tuesday group was over (and a little during because we had a small group and all we did was chill this week) i started reading again (around 9ish) until 2:00!!!!


i finished the book! so now i know, in order to finish about a 530 page book, i need about 12 hours.


i wasnt reading all day because i was obsessed (even though the book was SO GOOD) but because my brother was the one that originally had the book and he wanted to read it so i didnt want to steal it from him and have him wait a week for me to take my time, and also i was afraid that if he got it back while i was in the middle of the book that i wouldnt get it back until he finished it... and he even said "once i get it back, your probably not going to get it back for a while" so that scared me into trying to finish it before i had to give it back. so yeah.


but now (if i go to production meeting, that is, if there IS a meeting) i can get New Moon from Shea today and start on that, at a more leisurly pace. (New Moon is the next book after Twilight, if you didnt already know)

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