Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas vs. Clean Water. Malaria vs. Cancer?

Okay, so lately ive been fuming inside about how much the clean water issue, and malaria issue, has been bugging me.

I hate issues that are so able to be taken care of, but arent.

Let me just say the sentence that started this anger.

$450 billion is being spent on Christmas EVERY YEAR!!!!

and do you know how much it takes to supply clean water for the world?


10 billion.

that is 1/45 of the amount being spent ever year on one i guess, month, because Christmas is celebrated all month.

i mean come on!!!!! people are dying EVERY DAY because not enough people know about it, or give money to help, but somehow $450,000,000,000 is available to be spent on Christmas!

sdjklfsdlfksdlf it seriously just ah i dont even know the words to express what it does inside of me! sdlfkjdslf grrr.

AND Malaria!

ITS FREEKING CURABLE! we have the cure for it! yet people are still dying from it! not because the cure doesnt work, but because they dont have the access to it! because either its too expensive, or just not in their reach.


I say Cancer, because when i think of the cure for malaria i think of the cure for cancer, and i feel like something is wrong with this picture.

yes, cancer is TERRIBLE i mean, my grandma died of cancer, i know people who have cancer, im totally not belittling cancer at all!

but honestly!

all these fundraisers are happening for the cure for cancer, but for something we already have a cure of, people are still dying from.

i mean,

why try and discover a cure for something, when were not using our resources to help people not die with the cure that we already have!

ugh! come on!!!!!!!! this is freeking ridiculous!

and once again this brings me back to wanting to get my life started,

because with the life that im aiming for, i would have access to making a difference in a big way,

i feel like the start of the resolution for this is awareness! i mean, duh.

if i could just have access to some air-time, i feel like a ton of progress could be made.

if i could just speak at some big seminar, some progress could be made, i mean i just need to get the word out!

i want to like wear a shirt everyday, or a sign or something everywhere i go that says

$450,000,000,000 spent on Christmas alone,
$10,000,000,000 needed to save thousands of lives with eliminating the need for clean water,
Change the world.

Cure for malaria- available
Cure for cancer-unavailable
so why are people still dying from both?
Change the world.


me and my far-fetched dreams.

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chanchanblog said...

Preach it sister!

I totally feel the same way! I'm making all home made gifts for Christmas this year.
I don't care if you don't like my shirts or music or what not.
Suck it up.