Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Warning: this is kind of a bit of a disturbing message, ill warn before i say the disturbing stuff so you can skip over it, but its just sad.

So a jet crashed in Mira Mesa the other day, (i think maybe yesterday? hard to tell with me nowadays) but so it turns out, it crashed into the house RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my grandma's house.


right next door.

one house over.

her house is on the news constantly, she has been on the news, its crazy!

Warning... a bit disturbing vvvvv
its kind of interesting how my family has experiences with plane crashes in the neighborhood, like the 2 planes crashing in mid-air and plane parts falling from the sky, yeah, that was in my neighborhood, walking distance.... like.. maybe 5 minutes? like 20 seconds in a car. yeah, first time i'd ever seen a dead body, wont forget it thats for sure, it was like some crazy attack just happened, everyone crying or in a daze, walking out of their houses to a mess of metal, craaaaazzzyyyy,


and i didnt hear much of the details until tonight...

i mean i already knew that the pilot was safely ejected and landed, and isnt harmed, and i didnt really think about the house it ran into so i kind of just brushed it off like a crazy mis-hap...

and then i heard about the family who's house it was.

Warning, also disturbing vvvvv
There is a man, i dont know his name, but it turns out his wife (known for 4 years,) his 2 children (still babies) died.

that seriously just crushed my heart to pieces.

i almost started crying right on the spot, but i was there with my brother and his 2 friends and we had just been making fun of the captions for the news (they are live, so they mis-type like CRAZY its hilarious) and then it got to this story and we stopped and just watched, so i didnt really want to cry at that time, but if i was alone i definetly would have started bawling my eyes out.

thats so sad

but the crazy/cool/sad/weird thing is they are christians, and the husband is good enough to pray for the pilot, even as he just lost 3 family members.

that is amazing.

i want to go to the guy and just give him a hug and never let go. and just be like "i know God cant physically hug you, but I will for Him." even though i know God can do anything, blah blah blah, but i mean... how many times do you hear of people hugging God.

you cant even see God without dying. i mean. come on now. hugging him? that will be like... dying 10 times... at the same time... hah

try that one on for size

okay enough

pray for this man and his family, and for protection for him from Satan, and also more jets.
and the pilot to not feel guilty, and for him, if he isnt saved, to be saved.

and for the unknown things that didnt make in on the news because it wasn't heart-wrenching enough in their eyes.

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