Monday, December 22, 2008


I drew a little today,

just 2 pictures.

one of some friends of mine (just a copy of a picture i had)

and my tree in my backyard.

i wasn't going to start making stuff up quite yet.

i needed to get my creative juices working again. dust off that un-used area of my brain. i haven't drawn or painted (legitimately... non-doodles) in like... a year... maybe more!

so it was weird, but i loved it. it felt so right doing it. i felt refreshed, i was focused, i definitely need to do some fine tuning to fix what techniques I've forgotten or messed up, but all in all it was good. i think I'm going to draw again tomorrow, maybe actually try putting my imagination on paper this time. of coarse ill have to start with just free handing something around me just to get my brain in the right mode, cause its still unusual to do for me. but hopefully something good will happen tomorrow with my sketchbook.

im anxious to see what'll happen.

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