Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay, so i admit im a huuuuuuuuuge twilight fan.... and well i saw the movie, and i found that Forks (where bella moves to) and La Push (a beach that is also in the books/movie) are real places, so in the movies i saw that they were BEAUTIFUL! so i looked them up, and found that Forks has the most rainfall in the US so thats why its cloudy, and theres the Hoh forest which is beautiful,

and La Push! oh my gosh! La Push is sooooooooooo beautiful! theres like islands like a mile away from the beach that you can see, and mountains behind the beach, and like... on the edge of the sand is a forest, its soooo pretty!

ive decided sometime in my life im going to visit those places. like... for a week. maybe even 2. and the Forks Motel (Hotel? i forgot which), has a jacuzzi suite, and its just $150 with 2 bedrooms and 3 queens, not too shabby! i just want to try out a place thats like... the opposite of SD. instead of like lack of rain, lack of clear sunny skies. and instead of being hot all the time, being cold all the time. and also where its NORMAL to be extremely pale. ha.

i want it.

i actually looked up directions from my house to the Forks Motel, and its a 21 hour drive. (wow...) road trip anyone?

of coarse im not going to go when im 16. but maybe one summer once me and pretty much all my friends are graduated. which wouldnt be till im like... 19. i just want to go when im still young. still underestimated kind of. still looked at as the CURRENT generation.

i suggest you look up on google La Push, WA. so pretty!


chanchanblog said...

I want to go!
I'm serious, road trip.
Fo sho.

Adam S. said...

UH!!!!!!! dude! thats beautiful!!!!!! i agree with michael 234534254325490%