Saturday, December 6, 2008


okay, so let me start off saying i was REALLY WEIRD YESTERDAY
not in a good way, and not in an annoying way.

i was just like... randomly depressed and extremely lonely,

so when me and my friends were taking a group photo (for no reason) i kept refusing and was being lame, and i didnt really know why.

but today i had a photoshoot and it was fun,



yes, me. the girl who refused to take ONE group photo, had a photoshoot the next day.


i really enjoyed it, especially because when i was younger i wanted to be a model (watching America's Next Top Model every chance i could) and i really wanted to be on that show, but then i changed my mind because i didnt want to be in that scene, like HAVING TO BE SKINNY like... ALL THE TIME and being pretty much anorexic, and also like... pretty much naked. yeah i dont want that.

so i decided not to be a model.


being a rockstar/actress where you take a bunch of pictures for like CD covers and stuff like that. then i could have some modeling in there.

so that would be sweet


but last night, as i was doing the dishes (for some reason thats like, Jesus moment for me all the time) and i was talking to God, and he said that today was going to be "different" and the "start of my future" and i asked him what it means and he said that ill find out,

so im searching for what that means, and i hope i will actually find it.

future, here i come! hah

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melissahvongo said...

you looked amazing yesterday! haha okay i totally love that doing the dishes is your Jesus time. thats awesome. mine is 4th period US history for some reason.