Monday, December 8, 2008

ugh procrastination/registration

Okay, so im a procrastinator for sure, and well... i was supposed to register for classes like.. last month, but first i didnt know what classes to take, and when i would remember to sign up the registration thing would be closed, so finally after a month of forgetting, i tried signing up for classes,


English, fine, still room, fine, EXCEPT i havent turned in something? that i need to register? so im like what the heck!
so i still cant register

but also
ASL, the class/professor i wanted, is full, so the only way to have that professor, is through another class at a different time, BUT that interferes with English!!!! ughhh! and then! the only teacher available for a time that doesnt interfere with English is the one with the worst reviews (from that i actually wrote "no" next to her name in the class schedual!


stupid procrastination!

its screwin me up!

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