Tuesday, December 23, 2008

weirdest dinner ever.

okay, so right now im eating the strangest dinner ive ever had....

i'm having mashed potatoes from KFC, a biscuit thing with jelly on it from KFC, a piece of crazy bread from little caesers, a banana, and a candy cane shaped cookie.



i dont quite understand it myself, and i wish i could say i have a good reason for it, but i dont.

the only reason i can come up with is, im hungry, everything looked appealing, and im not eating the meat from KFC because my mom didnt get drumsticks and thats the only think i eat from KFC because everything else is gross to me. i dont know why i only like the drumsticks, but i do. well that and chicken strips but my mom didnt get those either.

i could also say im not eating the meat from KFC because they are cruel to their chickens, and then i could look like a nice person.

but then i would be lying.

im just picky, and i wanted these things.


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