Sunday, January 11, 2009

365 pt. 2

heres my link to my flickr thing so you can view my pictures.

i still have yet to upload yesterdays and todays, but they will be up sometime tomorrow? im uploading the pictures to my computer right now. but its taking forever because i have like 500 others to upload today too (i had a photo frenzy at the santee lakes today)so i will edit them and such tomorrow. which brings me to another point.

today was amazing

and i mean... AMAZING

ive never been to the lakes before, or SD river or whatever, and well... it was amazing, and beautiful, and just walking around along the side of the river finding open fields of grass or clovers, and trees everywhere, and little pond things everywhere... it was amazing.

im definitely going back there frequently....

and also, the past couple of weeks ive been feeling very.... loved.... i wont elaborate, but definitely very loved...

and very close to God too... i prayed for constant connection for this year, and so far im getting it.

and God has been working in some interesting ways so far this year, and im loving it. Im loving life right now... the ups and downs so far, i think whats making it so good is the connection with God, and the confidence ive been having in God.

im excited for things to come.

i need to buy paint. :]

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