Wednesday, January 7, 2009


seth reminded me...

i wanted to do the 365 day challenge thingy this year.

im off to a week-late start.

but whatever,

im gonna do it anyway.

(its a 365 day challenge, where you have to take a picture of yourself everyday for a year....)

im excited to see how it turns out.

i even updated my flickr to be prepared.

im starting tomorrow.

oh hey seth,

send me a link to that one thing with like... a bunch of people that have done or are doing it. that one thing you talked about tonight.

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Seth said...

I sent you an invite over flickr but if you don't get it then

Then you click join group and wha-la you're there.

They only have a couple rules, but the only two you REALLY need to remember is:
1) Tag your photo with "365days" before you add it to the group pool
2) When stuff like OGN happens, and you miss a day to upload something to flickr, you can only add 5 a day to the pool until you're back on schedule.

So yeah.
I'd also recommend joining
Just a group for teens.
I met some cool people on there.