Thursday, January 15, 2009


i never posted the actual link...

i posted ABOUT the link, (sort of) and even saying "heres the link" but never did it. (haha)

so here it ACTUALLY is.

if your typing it in.. dont forget the M between summer, and valentine... otherwhise you will get me, but an old account i cant get into anymore because im a very forgetful person... and for some reason made the account name and password weird.

and btw, i am still doing the 365 thing, i know i only have 5 pics up, but the actual uploading and editing process is annoying, and like i said in the previous post, i havent had time to waste on the computer lately.

but i do enjoy taking pictures, and i do enjoy editing them...

but actually going on the computer, is the difficult and annoying part.

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