Sunday, January 4, 2009

hardcore show

so this friday i went to another, this is like... the 3rd? in a whiiiiile. and well, the pit sucked in the beginning because seriously like, no one knew how to dance. they just were swinging their arms back almost hitting people, being jerks, either that or just not even dancing and just like... standing dumbfounded in the middle of the pit. it was rediculous. i wasnt dancing because well, i wasnt digging some of the bands, but honestly, get out of the pit if your not gonna dance...

it just bugs me.

me and spencer have decided that were kind of becoming hardcore kids a bit again... (we both were back in the day,) its interesting. suuuper fun though!

i saw a ton of people i hadnt seen in a REALLY LONG TIME.

one of which kind of depressed me though because the last time i saw them was at a funeral. and so remembering that was sad, but seeing them was AWESOME! i almost cried hah.

but... the last band! tragedy and triumph was like... the best band...

they arent THE BEST BAND, but of the night, they were.

they started off their set with playing the rap song Swing- by Savage. (bad song, dirty, but still so good.) and so like... when they blasssssted that song (they didnt cover it, they played the recording) i pulled spencer up (he was sitting) and everyone was all dancing all ghetto which was RAD because i LOVE LOVE LOVE ghetto dancing at hardcore shows. i dont know why, but i love it! and so it was extra rad seeing a ton of other people doing it too... and then they cut off the song/started a hardcore song in the same key of Swing, and it was so rad! and i went in the pit and danced, and so it was fuuun. and i had been neeeeeeeeeding to go in the pit like.... SUPER bad because i was probably the most angry i have ever been, at least in a really long time... so i needed to get that anger out and well, hardcore dancing helps.


i danced a bit too hard, so i didnt realise it until i STOPPED dancing, but i couldnt breathe, so i like... walked out of the pit and signed to spencer that im going to sit down and i walked behind everyone and like leaned on the wall and sat down, and tried to catch my breath, which was REALLY hard, and i had the worst side-ache ive ever had, and so i went outside to get some air and drank water, and was like... rediculously lightheaded, hah i just realised that day i had warned spencer that i might pass out because i felt lightheaded all day, so its funny because i wasnt legitimately warning him, but turns out i almost did, hah.

but then i tried to breathe, couldnt, so we left.

fun fun fun night.

i wasnt expecting ANY of the people i saw to be there, except one, just because i knew he was in one of the bands that was there. but still even then, i kind of was half not expecting to see him just because, i dont know....

good night.

angry night.

but still good.

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