Friday, January 23, 2009

this morning

okay, so heres how things go on days that happen to be January 23, 2009.

im going to include "last night" which was really the wee hours of the morning.

so im on the computer till like... 2ish, go downstairs, do the dishes, get ready for bed, etc. so i decide im just gonna read a little bit of Breaking Dawn (4th twilight book) and then go to sleep, well... i was stupid to think i would just read "a little bit" so i read like... 2 chapters... so i didnt get to actually being in my bed, trying to sleep, lights off, no reading, till like 4:00... yeah.. stupid of me.

i KNEW i was getting up at 10 this morning, but just read anyway... and then i wake up at 8:30 from a phone call about band practice today... so thats an hour and a half before my alarm was gonna go off... so i try and attempt sleep again but the way things work for me is if i go to bed late, and i wake up in the morning before im ready, i dont go back to sleep... so i layed in bed for like 15 minutes seeing if i was going to calm down enough to sleep again... decided im not going to, get up in hopes that i can take a nicer longer shower than planned since im awake anyway...

find out that my mom is already in the shower at the moment, so i cant take a shower... the way it works in my house is you have to wait at LEAST 20 minutes after someone takes a shower for the hot water to come back... and well, in this weather you need that hot water!

so shower attempt, fail.

so i get on the computer, ive got time to kill right? so i do things on myspace and facebook etc... and i am about done... i seriously was like... 30 seconds away from closing the windows and going downstairs, when the doorbell rings...

Oh, Joy....

now... in the mornings, i dont really look too hot... especially with 4 1/2 hours of sleep... im definetly not presentable, so my dad goes and gets the door and of coarse its his friend, so im not goin downstairs till they are out of sight and i can rush to my room...

AND, i realised that my dad's friend is here to fix something with our plumbing so i dont know if hes gonna turn the water off... so my hopes for ANY shower this morning, could be taken away.

so yeah

this is how things go in my house.

im hungry.

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