Friday, January 23, 2009

Twilight series

okay so im on like... the 500 and something page of the LAST book of the Twilight Saga called Breaking Dawn.

and honestly, im really bummed that im almost done (theres like 700 pages in this one) because i really dont know what im going to do now...

i mean, twilight has been taking up some of my precious time, but really...

im going to miss jumping into that world, having my mind and imagination run free in Forks, and La Push, WA. and where vampires and werewolves are real and have to hide their secret, and where theres supernatural gifts like mind reading, and seeing the future, and emotion-changing, and tracking, etc.

i think thats the part of me that wants more (like i said in my previous post) i think its just me wishing there was more to this life that i have yet to discover... i mean sure, theres the joys of marraige and having kids, but i already know about all that.

i want more

bleh okay, thats not what this post is about!

anyway, im sad im almost done, and that theres no more to be said about bella and edward, and jacob, and the whole cullen family, all that... i mean sure, stephenie meyer is writing Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward's perspective, but still... no more advances in the actual STORY.... like... time-wise.

well, who knows, maybe there will be some other book i can get sucked into... after all, i got sucked into harry potter, and loved it, and then didnt even start reading twilight or even know anything about the story other than its a vampire book and everyone's in love with Edward, until last year....

so who knows, maybe sometime this year ill come across another series (hopefully in the making) that is amazing...

it sucks, cause i always come across a series AFTER the last book has been published... like sisterhood of the travelling pants.

4th one is done,


4th one is done,

i guess i was just a bit off with harry potter...

i got into it before i think the 6th was done and then read it, and then waited for the 7th, either that or it was just before the 7th...

but either way.

i need to go on a hunt for a new series to get into...


twilight has been effecting me so much!

its rediculous!

well, at least my imagination...

like... sometimes i feel like a vampire from twilight... not like im craving blood or anything... but like... im pale. (really pale!) and sometimes i distance myself from people, and my eyes change and are all crazy, haha im pathetic.

but still

i really need to get into another series.


Seth said...

K so.
Check out "Gone" by Michael Grant.
Like, the book was 700 pages and I finished it in less than 24 hours. I was just reading it as fast as I could.
It's so good.
There's going to be six in the series, only the first one is out now. And the second one comes out this summer.
It's SUCH a good book. I just reread it, and it was 100% as good the second time, which I can't say about many books.

So check it OUT man. (dudette?)
Like, get it from the library or something.

P.S. The captcha/word verification thing for this comment is "lantsh".
I find that word humorous for some reason.

Trent Andreas said...

Try Pendragon. The last one is coming out like later this year.
There's like 10 in the series.

other than the bible, Their the best books ive ever read.

I practically stayed up half the night reading every time the next one came out.


the first ones Merchant Of Death. not what it sounds like.

REALLY good series.