Friday, January 30, 2009

Wholly yours

"Here i am, all of me. Finally, everything, wholly yours."

yeah i just wanted to let you guys know that im still there. im still at that place where God can have everything. i mean i still have wants, i still have preferences but theres nothing wrong with that. i mean... Jesus asked God if there was any other way than him dying, i mean obviously he preferred to live, he just wanted what God wants more than his own.

and that is where im at. I do want things, i very much desire things, but thats nothing compared to my want for what God wants for me. I mean, there are some things in my life that if God said "no more" to, then i would be crushed, i would be soooo sad, but i wouldnt hold onto it if i knew it was what God wanted. I would want to hold on, for sure! but i wouldnt because i believe God knows me better than i know myself, and if certain things need to change, then i guess thats the best thing for me to become who God wants me to be.

Friends, i pray that if you arent at this place yet, that you get there, or at least begin to move forward towards it.

and i hope for myself, that i can continue to be in this state of mind.

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Tubbums said...

1. Thank you for these posts that you do they inspire me.

2. I'm so happy that you found your starfish, whatever that means.

3.Can you pray for me to sort of start feeling God's direction more, and to like grow a greater desire for his knowledge and what he wants, thanks and keep rockin' the starfish.