Thursday, January 29, 2009

You are my Joy

Yeah, so im like... feelin pretty amazing right now!!!

God is so good!

He is so smart! and amazing and i just... gahhh

i love Him so much!!!! I honestly, HONESTLY, am good with WHATEVER He has planned for me. I can truly pray "Your will be done" i know it sounds like a bunch of crap because like... yeah yeah i probably "believe" i can say it but i cant really say it,


i know the difference.

ive been striving to get to this point. ive been searching and trying, and ive heard many times from many people "you're as close with God as you want to be" and well... i believe it.

so if like... yesterday i didnt want to trust God, then i wont trust God. but today, i really truly want to, so i do.

its amazing!

it feels so good, and freeing, to just... have everything in your life in His hands. KNOWING that whatever He does with it, will be good, and just, and right, and amazing.

and the amazing part (all parts of this is amazing,) is that God loves me! so He will even be graceful, and give me blessings! which honestly i dont even need right now.

im honestly fine if God never blesses me again.

i want what He wants for me.

aaaaaah! im so excited!

i love it when my faith just like... jumps forward! yyeeeeeeee!

I HAVE MY STARFISH!!!! (no one except my small group, and people who have watched the Nooma video "Shells" will understand what that means)

if you listen to You Are My Joy by David Crowder, that is like... the song of my everything right now.

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