Saturday, February 28, 2009

Attack Attack

seriously like... THE BEST hardcore band ive ever heard!

techno+good quality hardcore+christian messages= happy time!

I was listening to their CD this week because Spencer burned it for me, and i kept on thinking "oooh i like this one the best, no.. this one... no... this one... no... wait... i just went through the whole CD saying that i liked that one the best..." so i dont really have a favorite song on their CD "Someday Came Suddenly" i like it all.

that truly makes a great band. when you cant pick a favorite song. they are all just so good!

im excited for April 6th.... comin to SD!!!! yayuhhh!!!

i need to get better at hardcore dancing during breakdowns because so far i only dance in the 2-step portions of songs, and if theirs a breakdown i just like... get out of the pit, more because thats when it gets more dangerous and people start windmilling and then you could get accidentially wacked in the head.... or purposefully if you dont know what youre doing.

ahhhh i cant wait!

recording tomorrow! still!


excited! still!


its 1:22am at the moment, and im waking up at 6:50 tomorrow... so...

i need to get off the computer...

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