Sunday, February 22, 2009

Definition of Marraige. (in God's eyes)

Timing is weird. It just so happens that at this very moment, a billion things in my life are intertwining together in a theme. It's interesting.

Encounter is in a dating series, i was havin some boy stuff go on, i just so happen to start reading the book Sex God by Rob Bell, (It's not a book about a guy who thinks he is one, its about the relationship between spirituality and sexuality.)


all of these things have stirred up this question.

What exactly IS marraige.

i mean yeah i get it you have a wedding, have witnesses, sign papers, etc.

but what about to God?

where is the line? what defines marraige in God's eyes?

and since encounter is in the sex and dating series, ive also thought, what in God's eyes is considered marraige, to where a virgin can have sex and it would be shameless?

What about people who dont have a wedding, does there need to be a wedding? why would there need to be a wedding? What does the bible say about the definition of marraige? Is it just committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life? because there are people who do that without getting "married"

can you be married in God's eyes but not in society's? are they the same? are they different?

i have so many questions! Sex God barrrrrrely talked about that. Rob Bell just asked if you could already be married to someone you're dating.

im so curious!

i hope someday someone teaches about. whether it be brian, or ed, or some other person at some camp.

i hope i find some answers, or maybe even just some educated guesses, or even logical opinions.


Adam S. said...


why did you even ask those questions!?!? i didnt even think of them but now their haunting my mind!

by the way my captcha thing i have to type in to post this is "phickeds" i thought that was funny enough to share

Trent Andreas said...

that happens to me ALOT! (the timing thing.) usually when its God talking to me. like about tything, love, when to shut up, worship...

like i'll just open the bible and the verse i open to is about worship, then i just open a different book, and THAT passage is about worship, then i like look online at a blog or something and somebodys saying the same thing about worship that was in the books, then etc etc...

Bentoth7576 said...

Sex God is one of my favorite books by Rob. Well God defines marriage as the leaving of a man from his father and mother to be joined with a woman. Now Rob in his book brings up a very good point about the way the weddings in the Old Testament were done. That you were not officially married until you consummated. Well I happen to think he is right on this one. I believe the couple that is having sex without a marriage license are just as married as my mom and dad in the eyes of God. So that brings up some interesting dilemmas for people. But I won’t get into that now it would take to long. As to the "if it is necessary to have a wedding" question well I think it depends if you want to share this marriage with your other loved ones. Also even the Old Testament people had a wedding. Plus I think the only reason why people don’t want to make it official is they think that if they get board or something bad happens they can just end it, but now maybe not as easy. Sorry for the long comment, I would love to talk with you more on this.

Summer said...

Yes but, does that mean that if two virgins moved in together, that they could have sex and it wouldnt be a sin in God's eyes?

and like... when would it be that they were available to have sex. once they signed the papers that they are both going to be living there? or that they agreed? or once the bed is moved into the apartment, condo, house?

i wonder if theres anything in the bible about it.

Bentoth7576 said...
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Bentoth7576 said...

Well now that is a tough question. I don’t know, I think that God would want you to have committed to each other. In the Israelite culture you could not divorce you spouse unless they were unfaithful. Now if you are asking if it matters to God whether you sign that little paper or not, I don’t think that is a sin. But if you are two people living together and having sex, and not planning on it being permanent. Well then I would have to yes that is a sin but I am not God. Plus I think you got to look at it like this, if you are in love and want to live together and be a family then why not get married and make it official. In the end I think that if two people live together for the rest of their lives and stayed faithful to each other then they would be counted just as married as any other couple that had a certificate, maybe even more. But then the question is now, why if you are planning to do that you don't go make offical. By the way I think that if you are living together and having sex then in the only eyes that matter Gods, you are married, but if you break up and go start having sex with another person then I think that is were the sin is. I think the whole reason behind a marriage in the first place is to say to everyone and each other, this is permanent. I also think that people who get married just so they don’t feel guilty about having sex then they are living in that sin. But again all of us sin and fall short. Love having this conversation with you summer.