Saturday, February 28, 2009

flat screen!

okay, now i dont know if Africa has changed whether or not Brian is still jealous of flat screen tv's but...

we have one now...

52" LCD Flatscreen...

and it's beautiful.

its in my parents room now, and we moved their old tv downstairs (somewhat flat,) and its good too.


i love upgrades!

and we got it for like... cheeeeeeeeeap because circuit city is going out of business, and my dad had to rent one anyway so why rent one for a lot and then give it back? why not just buy it.

so he did.


im not going to think about how we can manage this with the factor of my family having like... zero money right now, but whatever.

im just happy with what we have.

oh and

The Phantom Tollbooth.

recording tomorrow

got the myspace link

(its "the phantom tollbooth" without any vowels btw)

yay :]

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brian c. berry said...


I'm trying to catch up on blog posts and well, for what it's worth... our family finally got one too. We got it before we went to Africa on a sweet deal on a psuedo used one. So it went to a convention like 3 times and then we brought it home. So that's kinda cool and we love it. It's no 52", but our 46 is nice. happy to all things flat screen. and yeah... africa has them. but not in the huts :)

praying you're feeling better.