Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Need a job


very badly.

i have my own car now, and well... at the moment my parents are paying for my gas, but its like pulling teeth everytime i have to ask, and we arent to well off with the whole money situation so i dont want to take any if i dont have to.


trips and things are coming up that i alone have to pay for such as, the possible Grad Night at my school (i say possible just because my school is incredibly lame about rediculously fun things.) and OGN, and Spring Retreat, etc.


i just applied to Home Depot.


im freekin desperate.

I might even apply to places i wouldnt even set foot in to shop, like Hollister... ew...

i just need income! good pay if possible...


its hard to find a place that will hire a 16 year old in-experienced girl who can only work mornings and weekends.

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Violet said...

mornings might actually work in your favor. I know retail sucks but it's a good starter job and just about every store in the mall is always hurting for people who can work mornings, especially since most people your age can only work between 3 and 9 :]

I've had my fair share of work experience, let me know if you want some help picking some where that'd be fun ;]