Friday, February 27, 2009

Phantom Tollbooth

Is recording this saturday.

Im excited... like... WAY excited! im interested to see the music all come together n stuff.


we have a show coming up!!!!

i know!


March 21st

at Channel 12 25 in El Cajon.

im stoked.

we get $2 for every ticket we sell if we sell over 25, which between 5 people is eeeeeasy.

I dont know how much tickets are yet, but once i know more details ill post'm

also we have a myspace...

dont try and look it up the URL way because both and are both taken by laaaaaaame bands.

i dont know what our url is yet, but its my #1 on my top friends on myspace.

so yeah.

im excited! oh and possibly band pics on sunday?


1 comment:

chanchanblog said...

The url is just The Phatnom Tollbooth without the vowels.

so, thphntmtllbth. Haha.