Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines day.

I really didnt want to post a blog about valentines day, but really i just felt like blogging about it anyway.

So, i never really realise how important valentines day is to me until a couple days before the day itself, when its proven that no one has, or will ask, to be my valentine.

i cant tell you how many times ive gotten teased about my name and how that day is supposed to be "my day" because of my name, what my plans are, if i have a valentine, etc. Well i guess ive heard it enough times that people are subconsciously making me believe it.

People always tell me i of all people should have a valentine. or be someone's valentine.

and everyone always fake asks.

"summer valentine, will you be my valentine? *laughs at own joke*"

youre hilarious.


couldnt come up with something better?

so yeah.

i guess valentine's day has become sort of a big deal in my head, and every year i wish for something amazing to happen that day, to have a valentine and him have some elaborate plan for that day.

honestly, once i have a valentine, he better have his act together and is good at planning, because otherwhise i will be pissed... ive been teased too long to have a sucky valentines day once i actually get to celebrate one.

and i guess it also sucks because im the only Valentine left without a valentine.

my parents have well... each other, my sister is married, my brother has a girlfriend, and me...



im gonna end this depressing blog with something that happened in my english class today.

Dr. Sako (teacher): "pay attention to this sentence for example. 'I am making plans for a romantic dinner with my wife for valentines day.'"

Student A: "You really are thinking about valentines day a lot today arent you."

Dr. Sako: *soul-warming, amused smile* "Everyday is valentines day when youre happy with the person you love."

Whole Class: "Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww."

Student B: "But i thought you said you fight with your wife?" (something he joked about as his favorite pasttime, along with tv, the first day of class)

Dr. Sako: *amused smile* "Only in my mind. You dont fight with your wife if you're smart."

random girls in the class: "mmmmmmmmmhmm." "not if you know whats good for you." "She gets what she wants."
*more laughter*

its more of a you-had-to-be-there moment. with my teacher's accent, his heart-warming amused smile, the stupidity in my classmate's voices. hah i love my english class. this class and my ASL class last semester are the 2 best classes ive ever taken. nothing else compares. but it sucks cause my ASL class this semester is like.... the worst class ive ever taken.


but whatever. this post is about valentines day. not my schooling.


Seth said...


I *TOTALLY* get you with the name thing.
Except mine's Rader. So everyone asks "R U A RAIDERS FAN?!? LOLOL IM FUNNY." or "Any relation to Darth Vader?" or "Your name should be Garth. Garth Rader." or "EW HOW CAN U LYK DA RAIDERS?!?"

It's mostly the football ones though.
I never make jokes about peoples names. I know what it's like.

One of these days I'm just going to blow up at someone when they make a Raider/Rader joke. I swear.

Tubbums said...

You guys don't even know! People call me tooth all of the time! And that's about it... Suck it!

Tubbums said...

P.S. as for your Valentines dy situation of craving a planned out quest of a day.

Meet me at the following location exacly one hour after reading this message you will find a donkey named bruce. A Capricorn male who likes cheese but only in little cheese square form. And a man in a poncho named Sanchez. He is your valentine. You have been instructed now GO!

Violet said...

I got just about every angle with being named Amelia Camp.

if i wasn't being taunted and compared to a mindless house maid (amelia bedelia.... even by teachers,) it was someone making a joke about my last name "what are you doing this weekend?... oh, camping!) i hate camping I think it might just be cause of my last name. my dad even threatened to change my name to summer church camp on many many occasions, my own father! it's his name! haha.

it even continued through high school "Amelia rhymes with necrophilia!" I have no idea how I somehow acquired that one.

moral of the story is that most people suck and get stuck with boring names. try not to let it get to you :]

this is only my 2nd valentines day with a valentine (and the 1st one doesn't even really count haha) don't worry you'll have plenty of awesome ones in the future :]