Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are you serious!?!

Im sick.... AGAIN!!!! seriously i must have gotten some immune-deficient disease this past year because i hardly EVER would get sick... but then between october and now ive been sick like 5 or 6 times....

thats a lot for me!

i would usually go like 5 or 6 months without getting one sore throat...

i guess i still have a good immune system even though im getting sick more, because i completely skipped the stomach flu that was passing around and honestly...

i should have gotten it how much i was exposed to it.

my brother got it, a friend that i hang out with frequently got it, their family got it, all of my friends around me were sick with some sort of thing and i didnt get nothin except some sympathy nausea for the ones with the stomach flu

i have been taking better care of myself though.

this may be a short little illness, but this morning it sure as heck didnt feel like it.

i was in sooooo muuuuuch paaaaain...

i woke up groaning in pain and feeling really heavy/weak and i would get the shakes and tear up a little bit cause i was hurting so bad. but it faded a bit so i got ready for church and left, even though i really was about to just stay home but i couldnt cause i didnt have anyone to step in for me today. finally the pain stopped though at church but that might be because i took ibuprofin, and i guess its a good thing i went to church because i feel better when im out and about than in bed all day. when im in bed all day i feel like crap and my sickness is just surrounding me, but when im out i can just walk around and act completely fine and then i forget im even sick until i have to sniffle or cough or sneeze or something.



oh but.


maaaaaaybe i might be able to go to disneyland this sunday.... if im able to fulfill responsabilities, or something...

but im excited

because ill be able to go for $51 dollars because its "deaf day" at disneyland and so since im an ASL student i can go!


i hope i can goooooooooo! and also, if i do go, it will be with friends, and not my family. and that will be for the first time in my life being in disneyland without some member of my family there.

slkdfjlsdkjflskdjf okay but anyway,

yeah im sick



Trent Andreas said...

get better. im praying.

Adam S. said...

Basically what my man trent here is trying to say is...

get down witcha bad pretty sure my white friend over there couldnt have put it in gangsta talk you could comprehend.......ya dig homie?