Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ive been kind of stuck in a routine lately... i mean thats okay, because im getting what needs to be done, done. but im wasting all the rest of the time that i have to be spontaneous, by sleeping or watching tv. this morning i got up, had breakfast at my table (something i never do,) read a little of my book for homework (im reading ahead because i like the book) and i looked outside at the BEAUTIFUL day it is today, and i realised...

I cant remember the last time i went in my backyard.

I gotta admit, i do have a good backyard. we have an ammmaaaazing view that im so blessed to have been able to grow up with. but i havent been out there.

i looked outside and saw the the canyon is starting to bloom again, and i started freaking out! i wanted to get my camera and run to the edge of my yard and snap all the photos i could...

i wanted to see what it looks like now that the stupid new owner cut down everything... now that everything is completely new growth.

i think im going to get ready for school, and then spend the rest of the time that i have before i need to leave, just standing at the edge of my yard looking out at my canyon, and el cajon valley.

just now, i stopped to stare at the view (we have an illegal amount of windows in my house... no joke... illegal. when we were adding a second floor to our house and the inspector had to make sure everything was right, we had to put up a plastic sheet so he couldnt see the additional windows.)

so i stopped and stared (stupid song took the meaning away from the term) and i noticed that birds were chirping... like... a lot... and it reminded me of when i was little... because those same exact kind of birds have lived in my neighborhood all my life. now all i need to hear is the dove noises and that would be the sound i woke up to every morning.

i really take for granted how nice my backyard is...

i just imagined taking my backyard and placing it on someone elses house... and then going there for the first time, i would freak out!

but since ive grown up with mine, and know the history of it and how it came to be the way it is now, its kind of taken away the amazingness of it.

im gonna go get ready and then go in my backyard.


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