Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hates, dont care's, loves.

So today in Encounter Brian was talking about Apathy, and he had us shout out things we hate, dont care about, and love... and through that, some hates, and loves, and dont-care-about's rose to the surface hah.

so heres some random things i thought of today.

- Spray-on tans... tanning booths however, are acceptable because thats your own skin changing color... not you getting painted, its just directed UV rays.

- When the prongs on a plug in are 1: bent so you have to shove it in the socket or bend them before plugging, and 2: when they are 2 seperate sizes or 3 prong... i know i know, just about every single plug is 2 seperate sizes... but what i hate more that seperate sized prongs, is...

- Same-sized sockets... because honestly... what the heck! you can only put in a few plugs and thats it! what gives! grrr it makes me mad! this hatred surfaces every christmas when putting up lights.

-People blowing their nose in public or taking out a hanky of any kind. disposable tissue, by yourself, in your house or something, thats the way to go.

-Hanky of any kind, in general. ew!

- Dirty fingernails, espeecccccially on myself. i go crazy when im like somehow in dirt or something and then like one fingernail gets a bit dirty.. ahh go crazy!

- When a seatbelt (especially in my car) is not all the way sucked inside its little compartment... and when has so much slack that you shut it in the door!?!?!?! oh my gosh...

- Getting smacked in the face.... now i know this one is kind of a "duh" type thing... who is like "oooh!! smack me in the face! pleeeease! ive been craving it!" its like um... no weirdo... but seriously... i actually put that on my "perfect guy list" i said "will never ever under any circumstances, smack me in the face" because seriously, i never hate people... i just cant do it... but honestly, when someone smacks me in the face, all i want to do for a whole lonnnng second after they smack me, is strangle that person, kick them in the balls, or smack them over the head with a lamp or something... i seriously turn extremely hostile for a second after getting smacked in the face... so yeah. um... dont smack me in the face... ever... even lightly, or just playing, no. never. ever ever ever ever ever.


- Handle brakes on bikes. hate'm

(Brian brought this up) - Lawns... i do not care at ALL about lawns. my lawn, my future lawn, other people's lawns, mowing it, i dont care. i dont see why its such a great idea to have plants growing out of the ground that you cut down to like 2 inch stubs all the time, and walk all over it, play games all over it, and actually take pride in it?!? whaaaaaat?!? i dont get it when people compete about lawns... i do not care! i dont even want to type any more about lawns i dont care about them so much.

- Skateboard helmets.

- Cliches. i dont care if its cliche (or "everyone's doing it"), or even totally original, it doesnt effect my choices or opinion of it, which is how i got into the Jonas Brothers, and not into Taylor Swift. how i got into myspace and not twitter. how i obsessed over Michael Phelps and not David Beckham. and how for the longest time i was convinced that i didnt like Fernandos, until i tried it again, and loved it.

- Awkward topics of discussion. doesnt bother me. sometimes if im like talking about it and the conversation is staying on one awkward topic for the lonnnnngest tiiimmme sometimes i say okay, lets change the subject, but it doesnt really bother me.

- Horoscopes

- Zodiac crap.

- being girly. or "lady-like". thats almost on the hate side... but i do like looking cute and getting dressed up, but i dont care about NOT being girly. sometimes i want to just play football, and blow stuff up, and shoot things, and see how high i can jump off of things.


- a good pair of high-heeled boots

- the cello. both playing and hearing it. one of my favorite instruments for sure.

- being in water somehow (whether in a pool, jacuzzi, lake, etc.)

- being bare-footed. i hate wearing shoes (too lazy to put that in the hate list.) BUT i used-to/am getting over freaking out when i have to take off my shoes in front of people.

- when cats meow a LOT and nuzzle your hand when they want you to pet them more (same with dogs, except not them barking)

- driving.

- pillows

- dying hair/styling hair.

- pretty much giving make-overs. (styling hair and doing make-up and helping them buy clothes/giving my opinion on what they are trying on)

- writing cute notes to people.

- painting/drawing.

- being technical about a lot of things. (clothes, music, paintings, tv shows, productions, jokes, people, etc.) but only sometimes... other times i just accept clothes how they are, just listen to music, just look at the painting and appreciate it, just be entertained by tv shows, etc.

now just to let you know, i do love God, i do love Worship, Encounter, Fellowship, etc. but this is just a fun little thing

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Seth said...

I will do my best never to blow my nose in front of you again.