Sunday, March 15, 2009

i dont know what to title this

Im so over this whole "being sick" deal...

today was the 2 week anniversary of me being sick, and well.. im done!!!! im so over it!

these sniffles and the stupid fact that my voice is pitchy all over the place.. ugh

bugs me!

and everytime that i lay down i get a stuffy nose.

and im constantly coughing and its just really lame.


oh and just a side note.

I wish that God could be like... in the flesh again... but actually in the flesh... not like... Jesus, i mean that would be awesome! but im not sure if Jesus knew the future of everyone and everything quite as much as God... ya know... but who knows.. maybe he did.


i wish he could be in the flesh so i could ask him a few questions about what i should do in a certain situation, that way he can tell me what to do... rather than me hearing just a little whisper hint of what i should do, and then me not quite knowing if it was me thinking that or if it actually was God.


this sickness is bugging me.

im gonna take a shower and hopefully flush out all the stupid in my system.

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Trent Andreas said...

Have you read letters by a modern mystic? amazing book. you should read it, if you havent. you can borrow my copy. if you havent read it already.