Thursday, March 5, 2009


lately ive been very interested in it. not so much actually taking the pictures themselves because well... my camera is broken...

but interested in learning about it.

i want to take some photography courses with digital editing and just like... know how things are done. i dont care if after the courses im an amazing photographer because i know the rules, but i just want to know how it works.

i want to know what good products are. for the longest time i didnt know what a strobist was, or bokeh, or any of that, until flickr haha.

now im very interested in investing in lighting... like umbrella lighting.

and also in editing...

what the heck is HDR? and why do people love it so much? why do people hate it so much?

what are good cameras? i never knew how crappy just general point and shoot myspace pictures really are until flickr.

people are doing their 365 and are going all out.


driving wayyyy far, bringing a ton of lighting gear, having a perfect shot in mind, going out like... in the middle of nowhere, posing, taking it.

then go back home and edit it for hours, and THAT is what you do for your 365?!?

holy crap! thats intense!

and the fact that the shot is AAAAMAAAAZZINNNGGGG and like.. mind blowing...

i mean.. wow.

i just wanna know... like i see comments on amazing pictures where people would say "the lighting on figure 2 is not how i would have done it, try having the umbrella just a tad higher" and im like looking at the seemingly flawless picture in awe and just like... what?!? you would CHANGE IT?!? this person just like, poops out amazing pictures easily and i wouldnt be able to do that, no way. i wanna see where things become technical. where i know how to do it, where maybe even i learn how to make pictures that un-educated people freak out about.

photography amazes me.

i really want to invest in learning about it, and getting a better camera, and lighting equipment, and a better editing program than just plain old photoshop.

Seth taught me about Bokeh by the way... its when in a picture lights are in circles rather than just blurred shapes of whatever the light is... not a good description but whatever...


do you have any additional knowledge i should know about? like what other lighting things could blow my mind? like... what are gels?


Gareng said...

nice job ...

Seth said...

Haha, gels to me are gels that you put in your hair to style it :P

HDR is High Dynamic Range. What you do, is you take one shot that's too dark, one shot that's too bright, and then one normal shot. (Or, you can take one regular shot and then edit it later although it won't come out as well.)

Then you take your three shots, and using software like Photomatix you merge them. (There's like... three sections of a photograph, light-wise. There's Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights.)

So HDR takes the the dark parts from the Shadows part, the normally lit parts from the Midtones, and the brighter lit parts from the Midtones, and it makes the colors look like.... Well, high dynamic.

Go here -->
That's like, a comparison of a regular shot, versus HDR shot. It's really good in places with lots of color, or in cloudy scenes.

For a "good" camera, I'd honestly say it comes down to brand preference. Some people are die-hard Nikon users, some people like Canon... I'd say avoid Fujifilm though.

If you're looking for a good camera that's not just some little hand-held thing (and that's also at least somewhat affordable) I'd go for the Nikon d40/d60, or the Canon Digital Rebel XSi.

All of those cameras are what's called "DSLR" camears. Digital Single Lens Reflex. I don't really know what it means in a technical sense, but basically if you have a non SLR camera, you don't get bokeh. And you really really want bokeh.

And lastly, when you get a better computer, get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. I can't *really* advocate pirating it, although it is kind of expensive :| But the point is, it will change your LIFE. It's a lot easier to edit multiple photos with it, and there's just SO MUCH you can do. It's amazing.

Oh yeah. And lighting. I'm pretty much just as big a noob there. I don't really have any lights for photography.

So um...
I hope this INSANELY long blog comment helps.

P.S. I always get funny captchas on your blog... "lingsfor" hahaha. What the heck?