Wednesday, March 18, 2009

seriously!!! SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!

I am so pissed off right now, i am actually huffing and puffing, and my hands are shaking with rage.

So i go outside to look at the canyon with its new growth and new flowers blooming... to see how beautiful it is.

and what do i see??!?

a truck. in the canyon.

and 4 guys cutting down... EVERYTHING.

theres 3 guys weed wacking away all of the flowers,

one guy with some tool i couldnt see just hacking at a tree.

are you freeking KIDDING ME?!?!

Why the hell does the new owner need to cut down everything?!? he hasnt done anything towards making the stupid office buildings and now when flowers start to bloom ohhhh nooo... that cant happen.

we cant let nature do what its supposed to... no...

i gotta make my man-made office buildings and parking lots and take away all of the trees and bushes and make all of the animals that live in them have to find some place else to go... and im gonna be mean and cut down a rope swing from a tree... but im just gonna leave the tree there.

im so angry!

this is not right!

when i look over at the el cajon valley, i dont look and be like "ohh look how beautiful those parking lots are!" or "Wow that trailer park looks so serene"


its the trees! the mountains! the NATURE that makes a view beautiful.

sure at night a view is beautiful from lights, but when i think its beautiful its not because theres buildings there, its because theres LIFE there. theres HUMANITY there...

how on earth could the old owner be such a sell-out!

i wanna go and find this guy and punch him in the face.

i hate this!


i seriously want to make a petition and ban this guy from doing this.

before, anytime something in the neighborhood would change, everyone got a letter. and we got to argue whether or not we agree with the idea.

but this one was all secretive.

all of the sudden just random "no tresspassing" gates were put up, and trees were chopped down, and bushes vanished.

i never thought i would have such a passion for a canyon, but honestly...

this just isnt sitting right with me... its making me uneasy, its unsettling.

i dont like this.


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Tubbums said...

I KNOW!!!! It pisses me the hell off when they do that! The hill right by Helix with the super fancy houses on it now used to be an awesome place to go for a hike and me and my dad got to go only once. Sorry, now I'm ranting on your blog. :/ hahahahahahahaha!!!! My captcha word is "dinglia!" I really enjoy that. ok, comment over.