Monday, March 30, 2009


Im feelin kind of funky.

both physically and mentally...

for some reason i feel like its like... preperation for something in the future thats gonna hit me hard.

i dont know..

im feelin really.... sensitive.

like a ticking bomb getting to its last few seconds.

im a bit afraid.



Seth said...

I guess I would recommend..
-Praying like there's no tomorrow
-Asking other people to pray for you really hardcore
-Read Psalms and look for some verses reassuring you that the Lord carries you through hard times, and bookmark them.
-Make an amazing playlist.

P.S. My captcha is "wargenes." I don't know why I always tell you my captchas. I guess I find them interesting, because they're always ALMOST words, but not quite real words.

Trent Andreas said...

im praying.

Tubbums said...

I actually sorta feel you. Kinda like something your not necessarily ready for is approaching and it seems like God tottal;y knows (duh) but knows you have to get hit by it. I'm not a fan of the feeling. But I can't offer much better advice than waht Seth said. But I'll definately pray for you.