Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blah day.

Today wasnt too great. anything that would have made it remotely exciting were all bad things. such as.

i got a failing grade on one of my papers for English class.

not cool. so i have to re-write it if i want to maintain my A in the class.

then, after class in the parking lot i almost get T-boned by one of my classmates,

also not cool.

so its gonna be awkward next class because he looked PISSED even though i didnt really do anything wrong. we just both were going for the exit at the same time.

and then, in the midst of almost getting rammed by my classmate (with a nice looking car btw) i cussed, and so i felt bad and i apologized to God afterward,

but then,

the WHOLE ENTIRE DRIVE there were just every idiot driver possible around me... like... im just going in the parking lot of Mc Donalds and everyone is like coming around corners super fast so i have to slam on my brakes so they dont hit me...

then i go to mc donalds and i order some food and a drink... and when i pull up i realise that i have no money in my wallet. crap! so i try to pull together as much change as possible, but i was only able to pay for my drink which is what i wanted the most. and then a little snack wrap thing thats like.. teensy and not very filling.

then driving home still, im either behind an idiot, in front of an idiot, or almost getting hit by an idiot.

then i get home, and i remember that my mom is in carlsbad for the rest of the week, and my dad is leaving tonight to go too, and so i cant vent about my day to my mom, and well... i dont really talk to my dad about stuff, he just wants to know what he needs to know and be done with it... no need for extra details... and trust me, im not exaggurating, he has even told me "you didnt need all the rest in that story" and more, and so i go home to an almost empty house,

and then i remember i have all my homework i have to do... so im dreading it,

so i start it, and its taking forever! and then my dad leaves and i finally finish my homework for the day,

and so i go to my friends house and hang out and watch the Heroes episode i missed, and that was nice, probably like... the only good part of my day, other than i drank a whole 49oz powerade from mc donalds by myself and was pretty stoked about it... and then i hung out after watching heroes and then kind of got annoyed because i was talking about a situation that really bugged me and so that didnt make me very happy,

and then i go home (in a fairly good mood, other than the fact that i have to leave to go to an empty lonely house)

so i go to my empty lonely house all lonely, and then i talk to my friend on the phone about how im home alone and other stuff, and well that kind of put me in a better mood just cause i like talkin with friends... so yeah that was pretty good.

so i had a pretty crappy day, other than like... the end of the day.

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