Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just thought about how far away we've gotten from God.

i mean yes ive thought countless times how crappy society has gotten and how downhill everything is going, but i didnt actually really think this specific thought until just now.

i was listening to the 700 club on the tv behind me (i dont watch it, it kind of bores me, but my mom does.) and i remembered that before every episode it says "The following program does not reflect the views of ABC family" and it always depresses me because its like really? honestly. they dont want to lose viewers from GOD being on their tv? they really dont want to offend people by talking about our Creator?


in the beginning humans were walking... WALKING WITH GOD!!!

now even churches, who are really seeking God, arent even getting it fully right.

we are SO LOST we have no idea how to get home.

most of us dont even know where Home is!

i just thought of that...

im really sad about it :[

im gonna go downstairs and play worship songs to God.

He deserves it. i want to worship Him because no one else is. (not NO ONE else, but a lot of people arent, and he should be praised constantly, by every single person ever born)

so yeah


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