Monday, April 20, 2009

blurry lines

okay, so my last post sparked something in me that i wanted to blog about as well...


i know... weird.

but i hate how blurred moral lines have gotten, and how comfortable we CHRISTIANS are with standing in that blurred section.


i dont want to take those risks of it maybe being right.

i want to just do whats right.

none of that "it depends" crap.


if something "depends" on whether or not its Godly, then well...

its not.

im sorry.

im happy to say, that i dont cuss, i am getting more modest now, and im having a lot more conviction about things like in myself, and in churches.

i never was a fan of like the stuck-up christians that are like *gasp!* you just were sarcastic! your going to hell!

but honestly, i think a LOT of people are getting it wrong.

yes God accepts you how you are, and he will always forgive you, etc.


we are supposed to be a light.

even if some things may not be "technically wrong" if its wrong in non-believers eyes, then what kind of message are we putting across if we do things that they think are wrong, when we teach about living righteously.


i like how im living now. its seriously SOOOO much better, and fresher, and cleaner, and not so mudded up from the simple small un-godly things i would do.

its also great because from these convictions shines light on other convictions and now im kind of like... cleansing myself a bit, and the more i get clean, the more i see how dirty it really was, and the more clean patches i have, the more i notice the additional dirty spots.

i make just teensy adjustments and now i feel so great!

im not saying im perfect now, no way! but i just love that i got rid of a few sins that i didnt really pay much attention to because i didnt think it really was "that bad"

but you cant say "that bad" without "bad"

i hate blurry lines.

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Tay Tay said...

Exactly, Jesus tells us we are to "shine our light before men" Matt, 5:16. So many people think it's enough to accept Jesus as savior but too many forget to accept Him as Lord.