Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guess what...

Im sick again...

oh joy.

this is what the 7th time? gosh. ive lost count.

its weird because this time i have like.. a weird sickness..

i dont have a fever, yet i get freeeeezing really easily, and i also get burning hot really easily.

for the most part im freezing, but if i finally warm up, i dont stop warming up until im like... sweating to where i have to take off the blanket or jacket i was using to get warm, and then i get freezing again.

i cant be normal temperature!

and also, i have a cough.... i hate coughs.. bleh.

and the first 2 or 3 days of my sickness i had an excrutiating headache. and intense sinus pressure.

the first night i was sick (thursday night) i was beating myself over the head with my fist to try to make the pain go away (i know that hitting myself wont make pain go away, but knocking myself out will.) but my friend wouldnt let me, he would grab my wrists anytime i would try to hit myself.


and also, i was supposed to sing Lead Me To The Cross on Good Friday, but i had to tell Jason at like... noon that day that i couldnt sing it because i was sick, and well... i could sort of carry a tune on friday, but i had an intense cough where every 3 or 4 words of singing i would start coughing up a lung. so i figured i probably cant sing.

then today, we had a worship practice because we needed one today because our electric guitarist couldnt make it this thursday... and well i tried singing today, and well.. my voice was worse, not only did i have a cough, my voice was shakey and my head-voice was pretty much non-existant. so i dont know how tomorrow is going to turn out... i hope either my voice gets better, or we have some great alternative... but so far, im not very excited for easter.

also because we have to get to church at 6:30!!!! to do runthrough and sound-check, etc. and then go to the first main service at 8:00... and then have our own 2 services at 9:30 and 11:00....

i didnt ask for this! i didnt ask to go to first service, i didnt ask to get there at 6:30, i didnt ask for myself to have to get sick, i didnt ask for having the responsability to where i have to go to practices and services even though im sick.


i feel like crap.

but, i went to this comedy theatre downtown to celebrate my brother's birthday (6 days late) and it was hilarious, but it sucked that i was sick because i couldnt shout out suggestions (it was an Improv comedy theatre called National Comedy Theatre) and it was really fun, and now everyone is over at my house and my mom is making spaghetti and were gonna have cake and all i wanna do is take a shower and go to bed and sleep till noon.

but people are over, so im hiding upstairs, wallowing in my sickness and sorrow for lack of sleep tomorrow, and anticipating the slowly growing headache that is occuring.


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