Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love Jesus, I hate satan.

Easy title, yeah. anyway

so today i was at parkway plaza eating, and well... i put my purse on the ground next to my chair while i was sitting at the food court, and i made a mental note (usually they work for me,) "do NOT forget this, because this is an easy situation to forget it"


i forgot it.

and then i didnt realise it till like 20 (maybe 30) minutes later... so i go back to where i left it and i dont see it.

im like... devistated, and i feel like a complete idiot for forgetting it in the first place.

then i remember my liscence and my mom's ATM card is in there.


so i go over to C28, and Ronnie gives me the number for the parkway plaza security office, and so i ask them if they had a purse in the lost and found, and they said they never got any purse drop-offs that day, so then i thank him and hang up the phone and seriously...

by now, im like... severrrely holding back tears because all from my stupid brain, all hell is going to break loose.

someone stole my purse, with my liscence and my mom's atm card, a lot of things in there that i cant get back, and i have to figure out how to make things right, so i was anticipating the hell ive caused, when this little girl...

she probably was like... 8? and she said (in C28 btw) "did you pray yet?" kind of like... jokingly, and i said "well, no actually..." suprised at her smartness, and then Ronnie said "well, lets pray then, right now..." and so me, Ronnie, the little girl, stand there while i say my desperate prayer to God.

when suddenly,

no joke. i say "Amen" and not like... 3 seconds pass before my phone rings and its the security office calling me asking me what my purse looked like, and i told them and they were like "alright, yeah, that sounds like it." and so i start just beeeeaaaming and ask them where the security office is, and they get my name so i can identify myself, etc.

so i walk to the office, kind of like... smiling/giggling as im walking there, because of how amazing this whole situation is.

so i get my purse back! nothing is missing in it, its all good! so i go back to C28, and the little girl is there still, and i thanked her, and that she was amazing, laughing/beaming as im talking, and every now and then slipping in a "Jeeesuuuuuus!!!! is amazing!!! haha!!"

so yeah.

that was an amazing experience!


iiii haaaaate satan! so much! like... honestly, hes messing with my friends, and that is NOT cool.

i already hate it when he messes with me, when i have to call my brother to come in my room and pray with me because im all scared from stupid attacks.

but situations with my friends is happening more and more, and that just infuriates me.

I thank God that im not a strong person when it comes to fear because even though to me, my stuff is freeking SCARY, compared to some of my friend's attacks, is like... hardly anything.

and well, i cant watch scary movies, because i cant educate my mind so that satan can use a new face to scare me with.

and honestly, i thank God also, for my friends who know me, and understand that i cannot, CANNOT, see anything scary. not even like a hint of something, or i will be screwed up for months.

really, i think scary movies are wrong. I dont think that Jesus would go to a horror movie, or say "yeah im okay with that" about something so purely destructive.

i wish my friends understood that, but they all love scary movies and think that just because they arent haunted by anything, that they are fine, that they arent inviting satan into their minds, but whatever.

dont listen to the girl who has had spiritual attacks as long as she can remember.
dont listen to the girl who has gone to countless pastors to become more educated about the spiritual realm.

dont listen to the girl who has personal encounters with demons.


she knows nothing.

shes not interested at all to understand her issues.

shes just some goody goody christian girl that thinks waaaay too many things are wrong that are harmless.

im sorry but um...


but im ranting.


things like this bug me. when people dont go to as many measures as possible to not let satan in.

that they just like... live, like.. are neighbors with satan.


dont be comfortable!

dont let it be the "norm" thats what he wants!



this just rattles my bones.


did i really just say that?


rant, OVER.


Anonymous said...

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for my God is with me" Psalm 23: 4. The devil can be scary at times byt rememebr that God is always with you no matter what.

Tubbums said...

Gaaaawooogaaaajaaaadaaaaayuuuum!!!! I love reading your blog, the story about your purse just gave me like a total whoooopaaah!!! For Hay Zeus. And I like how you started turning into a dragon with a mountain for a face around the end.(The part where you got all sarcastical) that was cool. Anywho, poop.

P.S. Ima slap the hell outta you!