Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Okay, i dont know about you, but because of this weather my house, and outside of my house like my porchlight n stuff, have been getting SWARRRRMMMMSSS of bugs!

like tons of mosquito hawks, tons of REDICULOUSLY SIZED MOTHS like... seriously, they are monsters (for San Diego bugs, i know you could find like 1 foot sized bugs in like the amazon or something but this is SD,) they are HUGE

and they happened to be stuck upstairs in my house running into the windows, smacking themselves into the lights and computer monitors,

its really frustrating.


sometimes, a mosquito hawk would make its way into my room, and well i have a lamp right by my bed and when im going to bed i turn that light on, and turn off my ceiling fan light so that i can get in bed with a light to see, and then turn it off when im all snug and good.

well when i have only that light on, its the only thing that the little bugger is attracted to, so its all flying around my general vicinity, and every now and then it flies by my head, or runs into the lamp and is just overall stupid.

and then, after i turn off my lamp, it is attracted to the light of my alarm clock so its really annoying when mosquito hawks come into my house...


but this one moth while i was posting my previous blog, got stuck in our chandelier thing.

its like... a glass bowl-ish lookin thing with the lights inside the bowl (not the one in the dining room,) this bowl thing is more like cup shape... more like... a cylinder with a round bottom, with lights inside it.

so a moth gets stuck in there and is like flying all around the inside of the glass part, and its really funny, until it comes flying out all stupid-like and all floppy because its drunk and messed up from being stuck in the glass thing, so it thunks itself into the windows and walls and ceiling, and then makes its way over to me, and bugs me too.

gosh i hate bugs!

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