Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Modest is Hottest"

I wish there was a way to tan at the beach or a hotel without everyone seeing me pretty much half-naked at a church camp.

modest bathing-suits need to be more acceptable, because with what i have right now, im not going to be going in a pool all weekend, unless i have like... clothes on or something.

i know this post probably sounds weird, especially because ive gone in plenty of pools and gone to the beach plenty of times, but recently ive decided im not going to be going to the beach or in a pool pretty much in my underwear because its wrong. youre pretty much showing everything...

i mean

sure your covering the main stuff, but honestly.... you dont need THAT much imagination to understand whats goin on underneath.

ya know.

so through a ton of inner-battles of whats right and whats wrong and what i should do and all that stuff, ive decided that im going to respect my future husband by not showing off (almost) everything to the whole world. or well... all of SD. *sigh* from now on.

i just hope i dont get pressured into doing it anyway this weekend by my friends saying "come on, its just us girls" (wrong) or "oh please, you have nothing to hide" (wrong) because honestly, i dont really want to go through the hassle of having to figure out some way to cover up, but im going to anyway, so i hope i stay strong in this.


i just wish there was a way to be modest AND stylish in this matter hah rather than just looking like a wimpy homeschooler wearing shorts and a shirt in a pool.

and, i applaud all of the GUYS who have shown me that modest is hottest, and have brought me into being MORE modest than i wanted, and also brought me to making this decision.

Im proud of you guys!

I hope i start a trend or something. im gonna get all my friends together and try to be modest all weekend, we should work on different ways to be modest and still cute.

but i still just have a concern about terrible tan-lines.

because honestly,

a tank-top tan line and a shorts tan line is pretty lame.

but ill figure something out...

hah. im such a girl.

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Violet said...

i've learned a few tricks though the years mostly just because i've never looked good in a bathing suit in my life. haha. most one pieces you can find offer a lot of coverage on top that doesn't show anymore than a tank top would and paired with a pair of guys board shorts (their longer than the skimpy ones they make for girls and usually hit at about the knee) then you don't have to worry about looking silly wearing clothes the next time you want to go swimming :]

Hope it helped :]