Wednesday, April 22, 2009

modesty update

Violet (my brother's girlfriend,) sent me this website

and its a clothing site for girls who want to be fashionable without sacrificing modesty.

which is like...

EXACTLY what im looking for :]

so im happy.

just thought i would share it in-case there are any people out there that agree with me on the modesty thing, or know people who are looking to be more modest.

feel free to share the link :]

just a little side note, i think that church's and youth groups should have like... flyers or something or like... just a small little card of stores and websites that sell modest clothes that girls could pick up or check out sometime.

just to kind of silently push modesty a bit more... just one small little thing to make it easier for girls to be modest that way they dont have to search and search and possibly eventually give up.

just an idea.

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brian c. berry said...

did you hear me on Sunday give you a subtle shout out? During the first service white board brainstorm thing I got "modest is hottest" in there. you go girl.