Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hey! You! Reader of my blog!

come to my band's show!

The Phantom Tollbooth is playing May 9th at Channel 1225 (again)

with other bands that are TBA/TBP (To be picked)

but its 7:00pm at Channel 1225, and i would think the price is the same as last time, like $8 in advance, and $10 at the door, but im not quite sure.

last time we got 39 tickets sold! only like 26 of which was in advance and only like 3 or 4 other friends payed at the door, so that was a rad turn-out because strangers actually named us, for who theyre paying for...


we still need to sell enough tickets in time, and its more difficult this time because well

1-its our second show, not our first, so the support is different.
2-we have less time to sell tickets/spread the word.
3-people arent going to want to see us again especially because were a small local band.


1-we wrote a new song today, and its RAD, and we might be able to finish another song next week so we might be able to play 2 new songs.
2-you love us ;) and want to see us play.
3-there are some people that missed it that might be able to come to this show.

but pleeeeeassseee

buy tickets!

we have to sell a certain amount of tickets... and we want the venue to still like us, and let them be confident that we will make them money which means they will want us to play again...


bring your friends! the more fans the better! spread the word! bring your families!

do whatever you can!

also, check out our myspace... we have a video that the venue made for us from our last show, and some pics up there too from the show that Seth took for us.

add us, message us, love us, COME SEE US!


comment me for more ticket info if you want, or text me or call me, just

contact me if you wanna go,

even if its a "i dont know if i can go, but im interested" or "i dont know if i wanna go, tell me why i should go."


if you are at all interested,


or message the band's myspace, whatever you prefer.

(to remember it, its just The Phantom Tollbooth but without any vowels)

all of us check it frequently so you will reach one of us.


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