Sunday, April 12, 2009


I think i might have figured out why ive been getting sick so much this year...

i think its because ive been working myself a lot harder this year than any other year because im trying to graduate early.

so my body's like woah woah woah there... ive never done this much before, i cant handle all this extra work AND keep your immune system up and running...

so that might be why, so its only normal that i would get sick right NOW when i just started my 2 months of intense work before school is over...

so ive been sleeping a LOT the past couple of days...

but last night i got only like... 4 hours of sleep... bleh... so i just got home from church after leaving between services (making sure shea could take my place)

and hopefully everything works out...

but i left because i just reeeeally need sleeeeeeep

oh hey.

i have a twitter btw.

i think my sn is sunhearts but im not quite sure.

look me up.

i havent quite figured out how to get updates sent to my phone from other people, but i can send them out.


happy easter :]

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