Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday Group

I think, was really good tonight... we started out with Michael talking about something he found in the bible and what it spoke to him, and then we started talking about like controversial subjects like homosexuality, and also argued about whether or not scary movies are wrong.

which i got pretty dang heated about it. but i wont get into that.

if you wanna know more about why i think they are wrong, just ask me and ill be more than happy to tell you.

but i think it was good.

i like arguing about beliefs. it makes me stronger in my own and also,

im really thankful ive learned to admit when im wrong. because it makes life better for me.

because then arguements end once i figure out that im wrong, but when i dont.

man oh man, i stand my ground.

i do NOT, i NEVER everrrrrrr argue for the sake of arguing. i never keep going in an argument just to win.

i just argue to get my point across.

and honestly, i wish everyone would admit when they feel they are wrong, or when someone else makes a good point that stumps them. i wish people would just admit it.

because it bugs me when people just keep going after ive made my good solid points just because they dont want to admit that ive stumped them.

but whatever

but i really liked it tonight because i felt very strong in my beliefs and it made me want to research my beliefs more to back them up so that everything i believe is legit and not just like... some idea i made up in my head.

not saying as of right now they are, but like... i dont know.

honestly, i think im a pretty good arguer. i dont believe things just to believe them. i believe things for so many reasons, and i voice my opinion.

i like it :]

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